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Adobe XD Template - Japanese Car Importing

This is a landing page template for a japanese car importing business that I made.

I watch a lot of car content on the internet because who doesn’t like racecars and I also work on them from time to time. So I decided to create this design about my favorite types of cars.

A Little Bit

Below I’ll write a little bit about this adobe xd jdm website template that you can download by clicking the link underneatht the image above.

JDM Hero Section

The hero section of this website is pretty cools I made it with a bright red background along with some bold white asian-like character fonts and some images of the type of cars that this business Imports including (Mazda RX-7, MK3 TOYOTA SUPRA, NISSAN S13 240SX).

The navigation section is also pretty neat as you can see it has the logo i made, some links, a decorative line, and a call-to-action button.

The logo is a just the word “engine” written in japanaese characters surrounded by a 3px white border. I also made a differrent variation of this logo is the section below to help with visual purpose and cause it’s just looks cool.

JDM Who We Are section

right below the hero I made a section to more formally talk about the buisness and it’s roots. I used dark colors on the fon

Brand Imports section

The third section of this landing page has a gallery of pictures that display the differrent types of car brands that JDM imports. I’ve often read that landing pages that use logos from companies that everyone is familiar witht that that help people gain more confidence in yyou website. so there’s that.

The Proccess of Importng Japanese Cars Section

The fourth section of this page is a diagram in the shape of steps illustrating the process of buying a car. Because impoting a car isn’t like going to the dealership it’s important that the customer undestand the process. T

At the very p

To get a better expierence of this jdm website make sure to download a copy of the file for adobe xd and press the button on the right to give you a full sceen view of this web design.