Download Retro Pricing

Free Adobe XD Pricing Table Template

This is a 3 card pricing table that I made using Adobe XD.

I’ve often read that the most effective design is simple and to the point which is why I designed this pricing table that way.

Another thing you’ll notice about this pricing table is the retro style that resembles the type of advertisement you would see during the 1940s.

The Graphics In This Pricing Table

The coolest part about this design is probably the graphics. The theme for all three of them is

  • The make-shift gun represents the basic tier on the table. The graphic
  • The rifle that shoots balls represents the Plus tier on the table.
  • The tank represents the highest tier on the table.

Use this pricing table on your website

I liked how simple and good-looking this design came out so I turned it into code.

I only used HTML and CSS to create this table so the code structure is pretty easy to follow.

It’s a simple three-column layout.

One thing I will advise you on is that this pricing table is not mobile responsive.

Feel Free to use this on your website, everything in this design and the code is commercial FREE.

Check out this design on CodePen.

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