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About This Pricing Table Template

This is a pricing table design that I made using the Adobe XD program.

My goal for this project was to design and code a pricing table.

Like a lot of pricing table designs, this one features a 3 card tier system.

Another thing you’ll notice about this pricing table is the retro style that resembles the type of advertisement you would see during the 1940s.

Check it out on Dribbble and Behance

The Illustrations Used For This Pricing Table Template

The coolest part about this design is probably the retro illustrations that appear in each tier.

  • The make-shift gun represents the basic tier on the table. The graphic
  • The rifle that shoots balls represents the Plus tier on the table.
  • The **tank **represents the highest tier on the table. Since it’s the most powerful of the 3 weapons it

Get This Retro Pricing Table In HTML/CSS

After designing this pricing table in Adobe XD I went ahead and turned it into code using just HTML/CSS. Check it out below in the CodePen along.

One thing I will advise you on is that this pricing table is not mobile responsive.

Feel Free to use this on your website, everything in this design and the code is commercial FREE.

Check out this design on CodePen.

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