Adobe XD is a program that you can use to design websites and applications.  More importantly Adobe XD gives you the ability to prototype your design, which means that you can create websites and applications that function just like they would in the browser. For this reason, the program was named XD which stands for Experience Design.

With Adobe XD prototyping you can add links and animation to your designs to give a more realistic feel to what the final product should look and feel like.  

If you just want to get better at designing websites and you’re not interested in creating prototypes then Adobe XD is great for that too. Anyone can learn how to great custom website/application designs with just a few Google searches using the Adobe XD program.

Why Programs Like Adobe XD Are Extremely Useful For New Website Designers

When I first started learning how to create websites I learned HTML and CSS. Although learning those two languages was useful my ability to design something decent wasn’t there.

I was having a hard time understanding how website designers were creating these amazing designs that I kept seeing online and on websites like Dribbble and Behance. After doing some research I figured out that good-looking websites are planned and designed before a line of code is ever written.

After realizing I need to plan my website I started doing research into tools like it and landed on Adobe XD. Once I discovered this tool and learned how to use it my design skills have gotten exponentially better.

Get Adobe XD for Free

If you Google Adobe XD you are going to come to a landing page on Adobe’s websites that offer’s you a starter plan that starts at $9.99. This plan comes with a lot of collaborative features that you might not need right now.

To get the Free version of the Adobe XD the software you’re going to have to do two things. The first you’re going to have to do is sign up for an Adobe account. The second thing you’re going to do is download and install Adobe’s Creative Cloud App. The Creative Cloud App is a program that Adobe uses to manage its services. After you’ve done both you can open up the Creative Cloud App sign in and download the free version of Adobe XD.