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What Is This?

This is a simple landing page template that I made for anyone to download for free. With this landing page template, you can start converting your visitors into customers on your next internet marketing campaign.

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Why I Made This Simple Landing Page Template

Before starting this project the first thing I did was research landing pages.  After reading some articles and a few blog posts by some well-known internet marketers I quickly came to the understanding that landing pages with shorter and more direct content are more likely to convert visitors.

For this reason and the one below, I designed this template very simply. 

Another reason I decided to design this template very minimally is that I wanted to make it easier for other designers who got a copy of this template to replace a few things and make a very unique and effective landing page.  With this template you can simply replace the icons, add an image, change the text, and BAM! you have a one-of-a-kind landing page.

Simple Landing Page Structure

This HTML landing page has a very simple layout consisting of two sections, they are:

Hero Section - This is a two-column section.  The left side contains a title, a sub-paragraph, and a call to action button.  The right side has an area where you can place an image of your product or service.

The Services Section - The services section is right underneath the hero.  It’s a 3 column row that’s meant to further explain the details of the product or service that the landing page is about.  Each column in the row has an icon, a title, and a small description to help you further explain the benefits of your product or service.

Using CSS Flexbox To Make This Landing Page Template Well Supported

Because the layout for this HTML landing page template is fairly simple I decided to use flexbox to create the structure.  The main reason for this is because flexbox is pretty well supported across most browsers and devices.

Mobile Responsive Design

Like most modern website pages this landing page is built with mobile responsive features.  The design stacks on top of each other on small devices and spreads out on large devices around 550px. 

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