Get A Quote For Your Website Design

Estimate the cost of your next small business website with This Tool

This website design quote calculator will help give you an estimate on your website project. Simply pick an option for the four questions presented and you’ll have a good idea of how much your small business website will cost.

I used these four questions to help you get the best estimate for your website.

How many pages?

The number of pages your website is going to require is a good indication of the overall price.

One of the obvious implications with this question is that the more pages your website is going to need the more it’s going to cost. Although this is generally true one of the other things you should keep in mind is that not all web pages are created equal. Pages that contain a few pieces of content can be created and styled within minutes while pages with more complex layouts and designs require more attention to detail and time.

When you pick the option of pages that your website will require make sure to include only the pages on your website that you believe are going to have the most content on them. Make sure not to include pages with a few pieces of content.

Here is a good rule of thumb:

Pages that are harder to create - Custome Design/Layout Pages - Interactive Pages - Pages with a lot of content - Sign Up Pages - Pages With Animations

Pages that are easier to create - Single Column Pages - Unstyled Pages - Pages with a little bit of content - FAQ Pages - User Agreement Pages - About Us Pages

Level of Design?

Another important variable in estimating the price of your website is going to be the level of design that you’re going to want for your website.

This might seem like an odd question if this is your first time investing in a website because you obviously want something beautiful if you’re going to be paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for your website.

I’ll try and explain a little about each option and why someone would be more intrested in one option than the other.

Minimal - If you are new to the world of websites it’s best that you focus on creating content for your website instead of fixating on the bells and whistles. When you focus on creating content for your website your more likely to bring in visitors from the search engines and social media that will eventually turn into customers.

Templates - If you’re looking for something for more than just the bare minimum than using templates to create your website might be the option for you. Although web page templates are premade they do offer the ability to create more complex layouts which tend to hold visitors attention for longer. Templating requires that you go in an adjust the code to fit your websites design which is why it’s bit more costly.

Custom - For when you want to make the best first impression.

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