Are you looking for a local WordPress designer in the city of La Habra, California? Hello, my name is Ruben Gutierrez and I work on WordPress Websites in the La Habra/La Habra Heights areas. Here are some other areas that I provide these services to Fullerton, Brea, Whittier, Newport, Anaheim, Orange, Rowland Heights.

La Habra WordPress Services

Below are a few of the WordPress Services that I provide in and around the La Habra, CA area. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Setting Up A Brand New WordPress Website For Your La Habra Business

Are you interested in creating a brand new WordPress website?

Starting a website is a great way to dip your feet into the world of online marketing. One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to set up your first website is by using WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a piece of software that allows you to create and easily maintain websites.

Its simple design and easy-to-use user interface are the reason why around a third of all websites online are WordPress websites, even still in 2021. Once set up, anyone can easily start creating pages and adding content to their website without touching a line of code.

What You’ll Need To Use WordPress

To use the WordPress software you’re going to first need to obtain some server space and a domain.

The price of a domain and server space will vary depending on your choices.

Server Space

Server space is where you’ll store your WordPress Website. Server space for a basic WordPress Website should cost you about $5-$10 a month. If you look around you can find deals that offer you server space for just $1 a month. IONOS is a good place to start.


Your domain or the name of your website will cost you an annual fee that can range anywhere from a few bucks to a few hundred depending on how common the words you choose are. Try Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Installing WordPress

Once you’ve obtained these two things you’re going to need to install the WordPress software on your server. To set it up you’re either going to either figure out how to do it yourself, pay a website designer to do it for you, or use the quick WordPress install that your server/domain providers sometimes offer. There are some pros and cons to each method of installation, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it it’s best to find someone to do it for you.

WordPress Services in La Habra

Setting up a WordPress website from scratch does require a little bit of technical knowledge which is where I can help. I’ll do everything required to get your website live within a few hours. You’ll be able to start posting content to your website that same day!

WordPress Plugin Configuration Services in La Habra

Are you interested in adding functionality to your WordPress website?

WordPress Plugins & What They Do

If you’re familiar with WordPress you know that you can add third-party software to it called plugins. WordPress Plugins make creating a website so much easier than coding everything yourself. With WordPress plugins, you can do things like style your website all the way to adding complex functionality with the click of a few buttons.

Adding Functionality to Your La Habra WordPress Website

Here are some examples of the type of functionality WordPress plugins can add to your website:

  • Contact Forms - Increase your customer engagement and lead capturing by adding contact forms to your website. Contact forms give your customer the ability to send messages directly to your email inbox from your website. Some popular contact form solutions are: Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, WP Forms
  • Website Analytics - Get a better understanding of your website’s visitors by adding web analytics to your WordPress site. Website analytics provide you with raw information about your visitors that can help you create and implement better marketing strategies. Here are some of the types of information that website analytics can help you uncover about your visitors: what information they’re reading on your website, who sent them to your website, their age, plus much more. Some popular website analytics solutions are Google Analytics, Matomo, and HubSpot
  • Data Backup  - Secure your website from malicious hacker attacks or server errors. Data backup plugins give you the ability to back your website up and keep copies lying around in case of any malicious hacker attacks or more commonly human error.

Maintaining WordPress Plugins

Although plugins can help you do some complex tasks it’s important that you know what you’re doing. WordPress Plugins need to be configured and maintained to work properly and to avoid website downtime. For this reason, it’s important that you stay on top of them.

WordPress Plugin Assistance

If you’re interested in adding some functionality to your website or you have a more complex plugin problem then feel free to message me, I’d love to help you fix it.

WordPress Website Redesign in La Habra

Not satisfied with the way your WordPress Website looks? Let’s do something about it.

Once you’ve reached a point where you’re website is making you some money it’s hard to keep justifying that 30 dollar theme you started with. WordPress Themes are convenient solutions but without the right adjustments your website can end up looking outdated or worse like a thousand other websites. To make a good first impression you’re going to want to invest some money and time into the design of your website.

Why Design Is Important

One of the main reasons the appearance of your website is important is because websites with better design appear more trustworthy. This means that they convert visitors into customers at a much higher rate than those with a minimal or poor design.

If you are ready to make your website look a little newer and more tailored to your business I can help.

What Goes Into Redesigning A Website

Redesigning a WordPress website requires a good understanding of every page on the website.

Here are some of the tasks that go into properly redesigning a WordPress website.

  • Creating a strategy to redesign every page on your website

  • Making sure designs are uniform across the entire site

  • Fixing buggy code through the site

  • Making sure your website is visible on as many devices as possible

  • Creating and choosing new layouts, color pallets, and fonts

How Long Does A WordPress Website Redesign Take

The range of time for redesigning a website can vary depending on its complexity and the number of pages. If you’re ready to start the process let’s talk about it today.

Learn WordPress in La Habra, CA - WordPress Lessons

When your business succeeds, so does mine. For these reasons, it’s important that my clients learn how to add basic content to their websites themselves.

The reason for this is because having a constant stream of content added to your website is an excellent way of increasing the possibility of appearing for searches in Google both around the nation but more importantly to small businesses, here locally. If you are interested in learning how a website can help you gain local clients/customers check out my post on local SEO services in La Habra, CA.

Things You’ll Learn How To Do To Your WordPress Website

I’ll help you learn how to add and edit basic content on a WordPress website. Here are some of the tasks that you’ll learn that is necessary for the success of any website:

  • Creating new pages

  • Publishing new pages

  • Learning Basic blog post structure

  • Learning basic styling on your content

  • Adding media (images/video) to your posts

  • Learning how to access user-submitted information (Forms/Inputs)

Like I stated above your success is mine which is why I offer this service for free when you hire me to build a brand new WordPress Website or independently for a very low cost.

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