Today I was realizing how much easier the Stackbit App has made it for me to publish, edit, and manage content on my personal Jekyll website

Before Stackbit I had been using Netlify and Github to store and deploy my website but after using Stackbit for a few days I made the switch.

Below I’ll go over just two ways in which Stackbit has made it easier for me to stay on top of my content.

Setting Up Work Environment Faster with Stackbit

Before I started using the Stackbit App I had to set up a few tools in order to work on my website.

It went something like this:

  1. Pull up my website’s code in VSC (Visual Studio Code) to make changes.

  2. Pull up a terminal or use the integrated terminal in VSC code to start up a server and compile code.

  3. Open up a browser to view the changes I made.

It takes about 3 minutes to set this all up which in reality is not a lot of time.  The problem for me arises when you have to do this multiple times a day in order to make small changes or to fix things like grammatical/spelling errors.

Now that I use the Stackbit App I don’t have to worry about setting up these tools every time I want to make changes to my website.  Instead, I log in to their user interface that runs and contains all of these tools within a single tab in Chrome. This means two things for me, faster content editing and the ability to free up some brainpower.  One less task makes room for one more task!

Finalizing Changes Quicker with Stackbit

Another way that Stackbit has made managing my website easier is by allowing me to finalize the changes I’ve made to my static website faster. 

Before using Stackbit I was using the terminal and “Git” to upload files to my Github repository. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy typing commands into the terminal, it really helps with the imposter syndrome, but it can get repetitive.

It went something like this

  1. Git add .

  2. Git commit -m ‘first commit’

  3. Git push -u origin

Now that I’m using Stackbit I’m able to add/edit content on my website and make it go live by just pressing the “publish” button.  

The “publish” button is located at the top right corner of their user interface in the Stackbit App. Instead of having to type in those three commands to complete changes, I can just push the “publish” button on the type right corner. The button also changes orange when it senses that you’ve made changes to your website which is just another awesome feature.