So you’re thinking of hiring a website designer to build your website because let’s face not only is it a hassle but your already running the business that you want the website for.

So your main question is How much is it going to cost for someone to build my website?

The answer to that is, it depends.

The goals and requirements you have for your website can make building your project either really simple or complex. The more time and attention that a website requires the more it’s going to cost.

Here are a few examples to help you gauge how much your website should cost.

Basic Website

For those with the goal of creating a small website with a few decently designed pages and some basic functionality, you can expect to pay between $500 - $1500

Custom Website

If you’re looking to present a lot of information, have a lot of functionality along with cutting edge design trends then you can expect to pay significantly more, anywhere from $1,500 - $10,000

Some Of The Factors That Go Into The Price Of A Website

There are a lot of factors that determine the price of a website from the level of design to the number of pages and everything in between.

Below are some of the more significant factors that will help you get an idea of how much your website project should cost along with some information to help you get a better understanding of the website making process.

Who Creates Your Website

When hiring someone to make your website you have two main options. You can either hire a freelance website designer or a web design agency/company to do it for you.

Freelance Website Designer

A freelance website designer is an individual who makes websites for customers independent of a company. Freelance website designers tend to be very knowledgeable about web technologies and have a very versatile set of skills.

Hiring a freelance website designer might be exactly what you need if you are planning on making a small website. They generally charge a lot less than a web design agency/company.

One of the other major benefits of hiring a freelance website designer to make your website is that you get to speak directly to the person making your website. This means that you can better communicate your goals. Compare that to contracting a web design agency/company where multiple people will be making your website and you’ll most likely be communicating with a customer service representative.

We can’t speak about the positives without speaking about the negatives, One of the downsides to hiring a freelance website designer is that there’s only one person in charge of making your website. This means that if you web designer is unreliable then your stuck half way through a job and your left with the option of either finding another designer to finish the project or waiting for your current designer to get back to you.

Web Design Agency/Company

The other option is a website design agency or company. Agencies and companies have the luxury of having a more concentrated pool of talent working for them which is the reason why they charge significantly more. You’ll likely have a handful of experienced designers and project leaders working on your website which will make completing it much faster and smoother. All that overhead does come at a price so you can expect to pay 2 to 3 times the amount that you would pay a freelance website designer.

The Level of Design

Are you looking to leave a lasting impression on your visitors or do you just want to present your information in a simple way? The level of design that you want for your website matters. It could mean the difference between paying a few hundred bucks for a template or paying a few thousand dollars in custom work.

Good website design has been shown to convert website visitors at a higher rate than websites with basic designs. This implies that websites with a better-looking design tend to get more sales/leads. If you want every click that leads to your website to count then investing in your website’s design is a must.

Alternately you might not want a custom design if this is your first website or if you have a small budget. Instead, a simple template might be exactly what you need to get you started. Your resources and time might be better spent in creating content and buying ads to start generating traffic to your website.

Website Functionality

Do you want your website to auto-respond to emails, do you want website analytics to help you gauge your visitors?

The Time It Takes To Complete Your Website

Do you want your website yesterday or in a few months? The speed at which your designer or the agency you hired delivers your website is going to affect the price of your website. This is a general rule in life, the faster you want services done the more you’re going to have to pay.

Take this information and be wary of anyone who offers you a quick turnaround time on a large complicated website. Just remember time is money!

When You Speak To The Person Who’s Going To Make Your Website

When you sit down and have that conversation with you’re website designer or agency representative don’t be afraid to ask a question even if they sound silly to you, they’ll likely understand what you mean. The last thing you want is to ask for something that may sound simple but will cost a lot of money to complete.