Today I was taking into account how lifeless my blog is. I’ve been focusing on writing content and have put making visual content on the back burner. So today I tasked myself with making an infographic for one of my recent blog posts about the importance of a blog/content for your website.

What is an Infographic?

Infographics are images that help you get a better understanding of a subject or raw information through visuals. They’re a great way to help your visitors understand something that may be a little above average to comprehend and they really help retain visitors’ attention.

In the blog post, I talk about why blogs are still relevant in 2021 and how they help you get customers online along with other benefits.

The infographic I made for this blog post is for a section that explains how Google uses blogs/content to provide information for the billions of searches they get every day. I think showing how Google finds and uses content on the web is important information to know for people who are interested in creating a website/blog or internet marketing in general. When I first started making websites I didn’t quite understand how they worked or how to get leads/sales with them which is why I think illustrating the point can make it much easier for someone to understand.

The infographic I made for this post is a simple circle design with a 5 step process that flows clockwise. I used some icons and simple text to help further explain each step. Tell me what you think?

Here are 10 facts about infographics if you want to know more about them.