Although you might hear otherwise blogs are still important tools that you can use to increase your website’s traffic in 2021. Not only are blogs useful for generating traffic they can also help you establish better relationships with potential customers.

If you’re on the fence about adding a blog to your website this post will help you get a better idea of the benefits that come with having one.

How A Blog Helps You Generate More Traffic For Your Website

Let’s get straight to the point, the main reason why a blog is important for your website is because it can help you generate more traffic.  

The reason for this is because search engines like Google use text/content to provide answers. The more text/content your website has the more likely you are to appear in Google’s search results. The more you appear in the search results the higher your chances of getting more traffic to your website.  More traffic means a higher potential for sales/leads.

How Google Uses Blogs 

Google is in the business of providing information.  

In order for Google to gather the information to provide answers, it searches the web using programs known as “crawlers”.  “Crawlers” do exactly what their name suggests and crawl billions of pages on the web every day.  

After Google crawls a page it ranks it against similar pages with similar content to provide the most accurate information for a search.

The process :

  1. You create a piece of content on a webpage

  2. You submit your website/content through the Google Search Console

  3. Google crawls your website and content and decides whether to include it in its search results

  4. Once Google approves your website/content it’s included in the search results and ranked among similar pieces of content on the web-based on multiple variables.  Some of these variables are known such as the keywords on the page but others are a mystery.

  5. After ranking the content it lists the most relevant pages for any particular search.  

Blogs Help You Build Credibility With People

One of the biggest reasons why I believe a blog is important for your website is because it helps you instantly provide credibility to potential customers.

Once a website visitor lands on your blog they can gauge exactly how knowledgeable you are about a topic based on the content of your blog.

When potential customers can see that you know what you’re talking about they are more inclined to want to work with you.  A blog helps overcome the initial trust hurdle with potential customers and makes getting leads/sales that much smoother.

Some Blogging Tips 

  • Submit your website to Google’s search console

  • Share your blog post on social media to increase visits and to index your post with Google faster

  • Blog frequently, aim for a least a few hundred words every other day, although more is better

  • Make sure you provide useful information 

  • Don’t focus on trying to sound smart instead write how you would speak